August 27, 2010

My Permanent Record of Sleepiness

Max started “big” school last week. It has been a time of transition and change for all of us. I am once again painfully reminded that I am NOT a morning person and loathe being woken up. This is unfortunate for my husband, who is a morning person and is the one waking me up. When we went to the parent night at the school, the principal actually said these words, “Make sure to get your child to school on time. All tardies go on their permanent record.” My inability to function in the morning has the potential to follow my child for his entire life. 

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Laura Ferry-Jimenez said...

yay, Max! love how the little aliens look as if they're waving him off! :)

we are 1.1 miles from the school and we were still running late on Monday. Tuesday, Isabella was the last kid in before they closed the doors! haha.