September 6, 2010

The "End" of Summer

Scenes from Labor Day Weekend. What Northeasterners call the last weekend of summer. For those of us down South, summer as a season lasts well beyond Halloween and summer as the break between school years ended weeks ago. 

The dragon that spits the children on to the ground in front of it. No doubt that pitch would not pass inspection in a modern day park. That dragon has heard its fair share of 1950's parents telling their kids to man up and quit whining as they attempted to get the embedded gravel out of their knees.
A quick picture before going back to the dragon slide.
The diving board that broke the 4 year old... after the 50th jump, he said, "I think I've had enough jumping."

The Ladybug roller coaster. Winding through the hundred year old oaks, I tell myself not to think about when was the last time it was inspected.
View from the Ferris Wheel.
View inside the Ferris Wheel
View from the train. This is the museum.

Having fun with a swim cap.

Having fun with a snorkeling mask.