January 19, 2013

Mardi Gras Mom bo

I opted to skip Krewe du Vieux tonight to stay home with Max and make pizza and watch The Dark Knight. Except that is not true. What happened is I bribed Max into staying home with me by agreeing to let him watch The Dark Knight, which is PG-13 and very creepy and totally inappropriate for a 7-year old. And then I coerced him into making pizza with me. The Red Box only had The Dark Knight Rises, which is a little boring and hard to follow, but I did discover Tom Hardy, which was nice and I spent several hours surfing the internet learning more about Tom Hardy.

Last year we went to Krewe Du Vieux without Max and it was crowded and miserable and the route had changed and we could not see the floats. I am literally close to watching Mardi Gras on TV like my parents used to. I like parades, but the conditions have to be perfect. It needs to be between 63 and 72 degrees, it needs to be crowded, but only about 3 rows deep and rain? Hell no.

I started looking on Facebook and saw that I used to blog so much and people were so very nice with their comments and I used to love blogging and writing. I still love writing, I really do, I just don't seem to have as much time to do it anymore. Somewhere along the line, work took over and other things and I just quit blogging as much. I would say I am going to do it more and push myself to do it once a week, but I doubt that will happen. I am much more likely to watch the Mardi Gras on TV.

I really do love the idea of Mardi Gras and there are times when I have a lot of fun at parades, but...it's so crowded. I mean, seriously, really, really crowded with people, lots of people. And the energy in the air is that of very thinly controlled chaos. At any moment, I expect complete and utter pandemonium and those aforementioned people will be in full panic mode. And really, there is nothing worse than throngs of people in panic mode. Actually, maybe there is, but I can't think of what it is right now.

Maybe I'll start blogging more...