April 27, 2008

People and Dogs and Food

Jazz Fest is upon us. I have a love - hate relationship with the Fest. I love the excitement and the music and the food, but I hate the people. I just realized, that last sentence describes every area of my life. Fucking people. They are so hard to peg and read. First they save your ass and then they kick it.

Mike's father died last month and his mother went into a home. They are my in-laws, the parents of my husband and we are stuck with their dog, who has no name. It does, however, have 100 million fleas per square inch, a giant head and tiny legs, and I think may also be bi-polar.

Sadly, we will probably end up taking it to the SPCA because we already have two dogs and a baby and adding one more dog will break the camel's back - the world will stop spinning on its axis and all the people will fly off. Or at least it feels that way.

But I feel guilty about the dog. More guilty about the dog than the mother in the home, oddly. Or maybe not so oddly since people are so perplexing and dogs are usually pretty straight forward and easy to please. A bowl of water and a bowl of chow are pretty easy needs to fulfill each day.

I need people, I connect to the universe and tap into the source via my relationships with people, but it is so hard. I am an amateur in this game. I am not a rock. I am too soft in the middle.

April 14, 2008


It is cold here right now. It is April 14th and we are having record lows and I am pissed. I live in New Orleans for a reason and it is not so I can evacuate in sheer horror every hurricane season. It is not because we have the highest murder rate per capita. And, it is not because of the stellar public education system.

It is because it is warm 10 months out of the year.

I am a big fan of the flip flop. I like my toes to be free. My feet need fresh air because they sweat. And, shoving sweaty feet into socks and shoes is gross. Wearing sandals in cooler weather is also not a viable option because sweaty feet get cold easily in cold weather.

What am I to do with these moist clodhoppers on this brisk and blustery day?

I think I will stay inside all day to protest the un-springlike weather.