January 9, 2008

Inaugural Post

Why have a blog, I ask myself? Well, my New Year's resolution every year for the past 500 years has been to lose weight and write more. I have failed miserably at both since before dinosaurs roamed the land and frankly, I will never lose weight because I love to eat and don't love to exercise and who fucking cares anyway, but I remain eternally optimistic about the 2nd resolution.

As much as I like the feeling of putting pen to paper, I just don't do it. But, I do get up everyday, make a big pot of coffee and plop my ass down in front of a computer. I have created many and varied ways of filling my work day with fun non-work things so why not have the blog be one of them? I can blog each day along with playing online scrabble, checking my personal email and randomly googling ex boyfriends and wondering if they still think about me and think i was "the one who got away."

Yes, I grow older yet I remain 17 years old in my brain. Now, if only I had my 17 year old ass and boobs....

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