February 25, 2012

I Smell Toast

Dude, I have not written in forever. I have lots of thoughts, most of them random and unconnected in any way, so it's hard to put them down in a coherent blog format. This past week I was on vacation. My sister came in from Seattle and the other one from Houston came in as well. We went to dinner Sunday night for Seattle Sister's 50th birthday and I went home feeling full, confused and like I was 13 years old again, but in the bad way, not the good way. It was fun, but weird, which pretty much describes my 13th - 19th years of life.

On Monday, we put my father's ashes in his final resting place in a crypt in the mausoleum not far from my house, along with my mother, Memere, and Uncle Henry and Aunt Raquel. It is a Murphy plot, but so far, my Dad is the only Murphy hanging out with 4 Ferrys - why should his afterlife be any different than his life on earth? Afterwards, everyone came to my house for lunch and then later that night we went to the Orpheus parade followed by, the next day, a fun-filled Mardi Gras roaming the French Quarter.

Knowing that I did all of that in a 72 hour period, I think I am forgiven for having random and unconnected thoughts, don't you think? I mean, in a 48 hour period, I went to 3 parades, dressed up as a ringmaster, helped my son dress as Willy Wonka, buried my father's ashes, had 20 people over to my house for lunch, had a birthday dinner at Ralph's on the Park, and got kissed by several of the Pete Fountain's Half Fast Marching Krewe - all in all, I would say the first half of my vacation week was very successful. I did not check email even once, partially because, ok, mainly because we upgraded to Office 365 over the weekend and I would have had to set up my email on my iPhone to check it. I held out until Wednesday to do that. I actually don't even remember what I did on Wednesday. In fact, Wednesday and Thursday are both a bit of a blur. I swear, I do not drink and I am only 42, how is it I actually do not remember Wednesday and Thursday?

Friday was the day I wandered around the city waiting for places to open so I could do something before meeting my husband for lunch. Seriously, how do people who don't work fill their days? I guess I could get used to it and maybe I would be more productive, but I truly accomplished nothing on Friday except going out to lunch with my husband and then out to dinner with my 2 sisters and their families. We went to Jaeger's Seafood House in Metairie on the first Friday of Lent with a party of 14. I truly expected us to have to wait for 2 hours for a table, but we called ahead and had no wait at all. I don't see how eating char-grilled oysters, boiled crawfish and shrimp po' boys is any kind of penance, but I'll take it.

This post is completely disorganized and I am now starting to question whether I am having a stroke of some sort. I smell toast...

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:)Love you Claire!